Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

During the Hari Raya holidays, I had the good fortune of having a weekend getaway and staying at the newly opened Marina Bay Sands ("MBS"). MBS hotel consists of three main towers. I was staying at Tower 3. Upon arrival at the lobby of Tower 3, I kept asking my hubby, where IS the lobby? You mean this is it?? It was not very impressive at all, in my opinion. There were so many people walking around, I felt like I was in a marketplace! Anyhow, we had to wait until 3 p.m. before we were given our rooms!

We stayed in the Horizon Rooms, I believe, as we were on the 47th floor. The highest floor which is also where the skypark and swimming pool is, is the 57th floor. The rooms I will admit are VERY spacious. It is very long and has a separate living area. I did not really like the toilet as there was no separate door to the toilet seat area! Some of you will be able to guess why I prefer there to be a door in that particular area. Haha.

The view from the room was very good and our room was facing the Esplanade area. However, I noticed that the sound proofing was not done well. I could hear our parents next door coughing and although the shower area is supposed to have marble tiling, when I knocked against it with my fist, you hear a hollow sound! Go figure..

Many people are looking forward to experience staying at MBS mainly due to the skypark pool on the 57th floor. The 150m pool is the world's largest largest infinity and outdoor pool. We were disappointed because none of the restaurants or bars at the skypark were open. Hence, we did not venture up at night. Actually, I wanted to but I forgot! Hahaha, because by the time we came back to the hotel every night, I was dead tired and just wanted to sleep!

The infinity pool is at the skypark level on the 57th floor, which is also the level where the observatory deck for tourists and visitors are. My hubby and I decided to go for a swim in the morning and when we reached the 57th floor, I was kind of stunned for a moment. There were SOOOOOOOOOO many people there. Deck chairs were all placed in a row on separate levels (much like the seats at stadiums). Although the swim area is off limits to visitors, they can stand on the platform directly behind said deck chairs and stare at all the hotel guests in their flattering or unflattering swimwear. I felt like I was in a zoo being watched by visitors!

There were too many people in the pool to actually have a swim. I was observing people and saw that alot of them were merely donning their swimsuits so that they could get into the pool, close to the edge, and take a photo!!! It was dark and gloomy on the day we decided to go up there so forgive the pictures. :)

The MBS casino is located across from the three hotel towers. It can be accessed via 2 underground walkways that lead up to the shopping centre and the casino. Singaporean citizens have to pay SGD100 per 24 hour entry to the casino while foreign visitors have to show their passports in order to get entry. You have to show your passport again on exit. Not sure why that is because they don't even open it to look inside upon exit, only when you enter.

The shopping centre attached to the casino is huge with all the branded stores that you can think of. There was a La Perla store there and for all those who do not know, La Perla is like the epitome of lingerie and I was telling my husband that. I was not going to enter the store but he made me! The cheapest bra that I saw cost around SGD400 (bra only!) . A simple lacy nightie cost something like SGD700!!! To be honest, it did not even look that fancy to me. Hahaha.

On a last note, there is a a smallish cafe at the lobby of Tower 3 called Sweet Spot (i think). In the morning, they serve pastries and specialty cakes. In the afternoon, you get those macaroons with different types of cream filling and lovely big soft cookies! Yum Yum!

On the overall, I think it was a good experience but I would not stay at MBS again. Too far from everything else and there are no MRT stations nearby. On the upside, it is very close to the Singapore flyer and you could actually walk there if you wanted to.


Anonymous said...

Hi, which horizon room were you in? Deluxe or premier?


Kimz said...

Hi Lala,

I'm sorry but I don't remember. :) Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Have you stayed there before?

Anonymous said...

Never actually :) Thinking of it though!

Googled image for the different rooms, and your room looked so spacious!

lala :)