Tuesday, November 3, 2009

EcoTools in Malaysia

Has anyone ever heard of EcoTools? Well, EcoTools has many products under its earth friendly line but the brand is more well known for its makeup brushes. Why? Because EcoTools brushes are made of natural and recycled materials and much cheaper than other branded makeup brushes and supposed to work just as well. It was all the rage in the USA but unobtainable in Malaysia. I managed to buy a few brushes when a friend went to the USA.

Yesterday, while I was walking around One Utama Shopping Centre, I decided to pop into the Shins retail outlet just to check out if they had anything interesting. And my eyes nearly popped out when I saw that they were selling EcoTools makeup brushes!! I couldn't take any pictures as the shop was very small and had 3 SAs which would probably be eyeing me curiously if I were to start taking pictures.

The pictures below are some brushes that I managed to obtain through a friend in the USA:

Bamboo 5-piece brush set - Baby Kabuki, Mineral Powder Brush, Concealer Brush and Eyeshader Brush

Bamboo 6 piece brush set - Blush Brush, Concealer Brush, Eyeshading Brush, Eyeliner Brush and Lash and Brow Groomer

EcoTools Powder Brush

EcoTools Foundation Brush

I managed to purchase the first 3 items at a total of about RM125 after conversion. Here, the price of the 6 piece Bamboo Brush Set was retailing for RM85, while the Powder Brush was retailing for about RM50. I must apologise for forgetting to check the price of the 5 piece bamboo brush but seeing that the price of my 3 items from the USA is only equivalent to the price of the 2 items in Malaysia, I'd say it's way more expensive to get in Malaysia.

The makeup brushes are made from synthetic bristles which are 100% cruelty free and bamboo handles that have a low impact on the earth's resources as it is a highly sustainable plant. The silver part of the brush is actually recycled aluminium. Although the bristles are synthetic, I must say that the brushes feels truly soft and luxurious. I personally like the eyeliner brush and the concealer brush. For eyeshadow, I prefer a more dense makeup brush. The blush brush works really well in picking up blush powder as well. I found the baby kabuki brush to be too sparse to work effectively and I think one which is more densely packed would be a better kabuki brush.

Anyhow, this posting is for those of you who might have wanted to try out EcoTools brushes but never got the opportunity to try it out. I can't be sure whether all Shins outlets now carry EcoTools so just pop into the one at One Utama New Wing to avoid disappointment!

Have you ever tried using EcoTools brushes? If you have, let me know your comments!

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iLiAiSyAhkaDir said...

i have read about ecotool brush in cleo magazine and i want to buy it. do u know where to buy it in malaysia? any store in kl? please do let me know where and feel free to reply at my blog =) iliaisy.blogspot