Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Totebags Galore!

Has anyone ever heard of the brand Rootote? It is a brand which was created in Japan in 2001 and it's called a Rootote because each bag has a convenient side pocket called a "Roo pocket" (as in kangaroo, I think). There are also convenient pockets to hold all your gadgets and stuff inside the bag. For those who are afraid to use bags with no zip enclosures (like me), you can put your purses and such in the Roo pocket as it is a cleverly hidden pocket with a zip enclosure at the side of the bag. To see what I mean, please visit Rootote.com.

Here are some pictures of the Rootote bags :

Cosmetic Pouch

The prices for the totebags ranges from RM50 to RM125 for limited editions. The cosmetic pouches retail for RM45. The bags made from polyester materials are priced at RM50 and the cotton canvas ones are priced from RM55 onwards. I have seen these and I feel that the material that is used for the totebags are strong and durable, perfect for everyday use. And the above are just a fraction of the designs that are available.

You can find the above bags at :

Life & Style Co.
P2-L1, Tropicana City Mall
No 3, Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

The shop also sells other brands of totebags such as Funtote (from the USA) and Envirosax which are environmentally friendly designer shopping bags. Everyone should be encouraged to use these bags as their contribution in saving our environment!



Melissa said...

Hi, do you know if the stall is still there? Would love to grab a few more Roototes. Thanks! :)

Kim C said...

Hi there Melissa,

I'm sorry but I don't think the stall is there anymore. If you'd like to know whether it is still available in Malaysia, please write to life_style_co@hotmail.com and see if you can get a reply. Thanks for visiting my blog!