Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why do people steal?

I recently made an online purchase of some craft items from the United States ("USA"). This is the second time I have made this purchase from the same seller and the first time, I received the package in less than a week. This time, it has been more than 2 weeks and suffice to say, I am getting worried. The package could have been lost in transit or stolen. As the seller sent the package via US International Mail, the tracking number of the package is only useful for when the package is still located IN USA. Once the package reaches Malaysia, it is treated as normal mail and you will not be able to locate it. I must say I should have been smarter and opted to purchase insurance for the package. Alas, I did not but I will be smarter next round if indeed the package has been stolen or lost. I will keep you updated.

Update : I got both of my packages this week! Am super happy and nothing was broken!!! Yippee! Just don't know what took the Malaysian side so long to deliver the package. It was stamped cleared in August! Anyway, better late than never!

The above reminded me of something that happened a long time ago. I had just graduated from university and was packing and boxing up the stuff I wanted to get sent back home. I used a third party carrier (as it was cheaper at the time) and proceeded to send my stuff back to Malaysia. The stuff arrived a few days after I came back home and was delivered directly to my house. To my horror, I found that the boxes had been ransacked and that precious things have been stolen!!!

The thieves had gone through all my boxes and stole my entire collection of CDs. They did not want the CDs with chinese songs though. Anyone who knows me, knows I am attached to my music CDs so I was devastated. They also took other items of sentimental value and once done ransacking, they taped up the box again. I must say they didn't do a good job out of it either!

This is just a warning for the young ones who are about to graduate and come back to Malaysia. Buy insurance on the products you are shipping back through these carriers unless you are paying a hefty sum for carriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS and etc. However, a point to note is that friends who used the same carrier but lived in Singapore, had no problems whatsoever. Go figure.....

On a happier note, I have taken pictures of more cards that I have made and hope to post it on the blog soon. Am also thinking of selling these cards on my other website at Serenity Gemz but not sure if I should. Any thoughts?

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