Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Precious Darling Isabelle

I have not been able to blog since my last post as I delivered my darling baby girl on 2nd May 2012.  She arrived via an emergency C-section because I had originally wanted to have a normal delivery.  However, baby girl decided she was not going to come out the normal way and so we had to have the c-sect to get her out.

Her name is Isabelle Jade Sim and how time has flown by.  She is now approximately two months old. During these two months, it has been an emotional roller coaster, from being deliriously happy, to being upset and to feeling guilty and so forth.  I am thankful though that she seems to be a relatively easy to understand child.  Isabelle does not cry for no reason (or rather not for reasons we do not understand) and I would say is a happy and contented child.  The only time she gets pretty impatient (and you would know that she is impatient with you) is when it is eating time.  

The role of motherhood is not an easy one which I have found out.  Another thing I've realised, I think breastfeeding is harder than the actual labour! I had sore and bleeding nipples pretty much for the first 2-3 weeks and thankfully it is better now.  I only wish that I had an oversupply of breast milk for my little one so that I know for sure that she is always getting enough.  I stress about whether she eats enough and currently, she is under the 50th percentile when it comes to weight gain.  Another point to worry for me.  I've realised that as a parent, there is always something to worry about day after day.  Does she have enough to eat, why is her poop this colour, why is she soooo sleepy, why won't she sleep in her bed and so forth.

For all the difficult times, I truly forget with every smile she gives me.  Isabelle is now able to lift her own neck (started way before she turned two months), sucks on her thumb, coos, laughs and even has conversations with those talking to her.  It is the most amazing thing.  

It took my hubby and I a long time to be blessed with her presence and now that she's here, I couldn't and wouldn't ever want a life without her. Cliche I know, but true.

Till next time......


Blossom inch said...

First of all, congrats Kim on your new bundle of joy. I am sure the minute you look at her for the first time it is like "unbelievable" that you are now a mother.

Secondly, being a mother is the best duty in the universe.

Thirdly, take good care and eat loads of healthy food. No stress so milk will be more.


Marina said...

Hi Kim! Wow!!! Cnratulations on your beautiful baby girl!!! And such a lovely name too :) So happy for you dear. Yes babies are super impatient, they want it all NOW and NOW! LOL! Motherhood is goin to be an exciting, tiring but fulfilling ride!