Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy 6 Months Old to my beloved Isabelle

Today my beloved Isabelle turns 6 months old.  How time really flies.  It has been a trying but blissfully happy 6 months with this little someone I never thought I'd get to meet.  I look at her everyday and wonder how the Lord chose me to be the mother to this beautiful being.  

I want to thank the Lord for keeping Isabelle in good health except for the cold that she is having right now.  I hope it does not take a turn for the worse but am thankful that she has not had any major illnesses or complications and is in reasonably good health.  She is a very happy child and does not fuss very much (except when I am trying to feed her).  Can you imagine?  She fusses when there IS milk and I am trying to give it to her.  I have only heard of babies who fuss because there is no more milk coming out from their mother's breasts!  Isabelle loves to play and is at the stage where she is most curious about everything new. 

She loves to go out and I feel she knows we are about to go out of the house when she sees me wearing different clothes or carrying her diaper bag.  Her level of understanding really amazes me sometimes.

I am now trying to start planning for her 1st birthday party much to the chagrin of her Papa.  Hehe.  I am hoping to make it an afternoon to remember.  She will have to remember it via photos of course when she gets bigger.  Hopefully I get around to making a scrapbook album for her.

I also want to say that as always I believe all things happen for a reason.  My husband and I are at a point where we've sold our old house and awaiting to move into a new one.  There were some complications getting the keys to our new place and during this time, we have been staying with my parents and I must say, it has been great having my mom to help me out especially during her night feed.  Not sure what I would have done without my mom.  

I have not been able to get any craft done yet but I am still hoping to find time to make some 'Thank You' cards very soon.  Will post them up when and if I have the time.

Thank you all for visiting today.  Have a great weekend ahead!

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Blossom inch said...

how time flies...great to hear your baby growth and yes start planning for her 1st birthday now babe. Your baby is so cute! Thank you for sharing and I hope you will move to your own place soon without any hassle. Take care! xx