Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanks be to God

I just wanted to write a short post today about how the Lord works in mysterious ways.  Isabelle always had trouble being bottle fed (either with expressed breast milk or formula milk).  We would only be able to bottle feed her if she was asleep or what we call during a dream feed.  Although I know that breast milk is best for a baby, I was very stressed during the first few months as I did not feel that my supply was sufficient for her needs.  It really got me down because I knew that if I did not produce enough milk for Isabelle, she would have nothing else to drink since she did not take formula milk.

Then suddenly the most miraculous thing happened.  About 2 weeks ago, I felt she had not fed enough from me and I prepared a bottle with expressed breast milk.  I fed it to her myself and she drank every last drop while she was AWAKE (although it was only 2 ounces).  I could not believe it.  After, I tried giving her formula milk just to see if she would take it and she DID.  I was just in shock.  Although she does take formula milk, I still endeavour to provide her with breast milk.  But at least now, I can enjoy being her mother and not stress about my milk supply.

The Lord works in mysterious ways because if she had taken to the bottle or formula milk earlier, I probably would not have persevered in completely breastfeeding her.

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