Monday, August 10, 2009

Angsana Bintan

This posting is about a trip I made to Bintan, Indonesia in November 2008 with my two girlfriends. It's a little bit outdated in that sense, but I really liked the place so thought I should blog about it. There are no flights from Malaysia to Bintan, so you would have to get yourself to Singapore, then leave for Bintan via ferry from there. The ferry ride only takes approximately 40 minutes from Singapore to Bintan.

My friends and I decided to stay at Angsana Bintan. It's not one of those hotels where rooms are in chalet form but the rooms are nice enough. Even with triple sharing, there was ample space to move around.

View from hotel room and picture of room from different view

View of hotel and entrance of Angsana Spa

The beach strip along Angsana is clean and the waters are crystal clear. I'm not someone who normally likes swimming in the ocean but I would gladly do so at this place. :) I'm afraid I didn't take any pictures so you're gonna have to take my word for it! :)

If you are a spa enthusiast, you will be able to pamper yourself at the Angsana Spa. The ambience was lovely and the therapists are friendly and helpful. When you decide on any specific treatment, you also have the option to choose to have it done either in an outdoor environment, i.e. in a sort of pagola type of area or indoors where there is air condition. I did not have a massage but did have a foot massage, pedicure and paraffin wax treatment for both feet.

I only have one complaint based on my experience. The therapist was trying to detach our (my friend and I) skin from our feet!!! I have never had paraffin wax treatment and was always apprehensive because, I mean, it's hot wax!!! So anyway, the therapists started with my friend and she was grimacing in pain as they asked her to put her whole feet into the tub filled with the hot wax. In the end, she just could not do it, and the therapist used a brush to brush the wax onto her feet. It was still agonising! Needless to say, I looked on in horror as I knew it was my turn next.

When it came to my turn, the wax was still HOT HOT HOT!! I thought they were mad for asking me to try to soak my whole feet in the tub! I refused and they started brushing the wax onto my feet. I swore that I would never try it again. It was just SO NOT WORTH it for the price I was paying. Hahaha.

However, on a side note, I thought I would brave it again at my usual nail salon. And what do I find?? No PAIN!! The wax was just warm and the effect after was really good. It effectively seals in the moisture in your feet. So that's how I know they were trying to kill us in Bintan!!

Back to Bintan...the only downside for Angsana is that there is only one restaurant in the resort. You could opt to have dinner on the beach but that would be a special arrangement for which you would have to fork out extra. There is supposed to be another Pantai Grill & Bar but for some reason, we did not have any meals there, nor do I remember ever seeing it.

Angsana Bintan is located right next to Banyan Tree Resort & Spa Bintan. The two hotels share the same beach but you would pay an arm and a leg to stay at Banyan Tree. And if you are a guest of Angsana, you can dine at any of the restaurants in Banyan Tree and they would just charge the bill to your room in Angsana. But you will not be allowed to use the facilities at Banyan Tree.

I don't remember doing much else but I do remember that the price of the room was reasonable and it would be a nice place to go again, maybe with my hubby the next time. :)

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lesnor123 said...

Peaceful except for the wax deal, lol! Anyway this looks so lovely and serene besides my wife and I need to get away and will book one of the Indonesia Bintan hotels where we are sure to enjoy ourselves.