Monday, July 27, 2009

Serenity Gemz

I am very excited to be introducing my new blog shop named Serenity Gemz. My aim is to find and offer uniquely handcrafted items of jewelry which is not currently available in Malaysia. As a start, Serenity Gemz currently offers a line of jewelry from Foxy Originals, a fun and unique brand from Canada.

Foxy Originals jewelry are all handmade with lead-free pewter, then dipped in 14 kt gold, sterling silver or bronze. The items are well made, solid and comes in so many designs, you wouldn't even know where to start. Some of my favorite pieces are as follows:

Medina Necklace

Holly Earrings

At the moment, I am only stocking Foxy Originals. However, from time to time, I endeavor to look for other unique jewelry lovingly handcrafted by different designers to be added on to my blog shop. You may either click on the logo picture above or the link under 'Shopaholic's Haven' at my sidebar to get to the blog shop.

Happy Shopping!

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