Friday, July 31, 2009


UNOS is an alternative "communication and service delivery platform designed to provide a comprehensive communication experience for mobile users". I came across UNOS probably about one year ago when my hubby decided he was gonna be a UNOS reseller just for fun. :) It's actually a great platform and offers voice calls, calls to foreign countries at a much cheaper rate and S-Mails service (where you can sms other UNOS users for free and have access via push emails) amongst other services. In simple form, it's basically a pre-paid phone card which allows you to do more than just make calls.

UNOS program allows you to make calls directly to foreign countries at low rates, for e.g. RM0.25/min to China Mobile or landlines compared to Maxis which charges RM4/min at reduced rate!. If you have a landline at the foreign country you are in, you are able to forward all your calls from your Malaysian number to the landline via UNOS at a highly reduced rate on roaming charges. Find out rates for IDD calls from UNOS here. You are also able to perform conference calls and carry out Buddy calls where you choose the caller's number and the recipient's number. So basically you can make calls for anyone anywhere!

The only setback is that currently, the UNOS program can only be installed on a selected brand of phones and selected models. For full details on which phones are compatible with UNOS, please click here.

It is very easy to install UNOS on your phone. Either go to the UNOS website at and click on 'Get UNOS Now' or if you know another reseller of UNOS prepaid cards, get them to send you a link to download the program into your phone. After that, you need to buy the pre-paid amounts which comes in denominations of RM 10, RM20 and RM50. After installation of the UNOS program, you will be able to see a similar view on your phone screen:

Email me at if you are interested in getting UNOS installed into your phone or buying pre-paid amounts. :)

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