Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yay to Ikea too!

I just came back from Ikea after about a couple of months of not going, to grab a few things. They have very recently implemented the policy that Ikea will no longer be giving out plastic bags freely. If you want to use plastic bags for your purchases, you will have to pay either RM0.10 or RM0.20 per plastic bag depending on the size of the bag. Alternatively, you can buy the large blue Ikea plastic bag for RM1.90 each (it was retailing for RM3 last year apparently). I personally feel that RM0.10 or RM0.20 is not high enough to compel people to be more environmentally friendly. I think it should be at least RM0.50 or RM1 for people to feel the effect.

I'm proud to say that I am the new owner of a blue Ikea plastic bag. Now if only I can remember to BRING it every time I go to Ikea. Hahaha.


efOo said...

LOL... I have so many of these bags but everytime I go shopping, I forget to bring them and ended up buying a new one.

Kimz said...

I know exactly what you mean..I have one for Cold Storage and a few other places but NEVER remember to bring it. Hahaha.

Olivia said...

Bring that bag everywhere ... NOT just IKEA! When I was in Germany, Natasha's father-in-law had this collapsable plastic crate that he keeps in the boot. So after grocery shopping, whatever that's in the cart goes straight into the box. I like that idea very much! Now if only I can find that crate ;)