Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Comparison between Nail Salons

This post is going to be a little boring as I have no pictures to accompany it but felt a need to write about it anyway. I have been going to the same nail salon for about two years (I think), as I followed my manicurist when they decided to open shop on their own. Anyway, the place I normally go to is called Nailz Spa and it is located in Desa Sri Hartamas. However, recently my manicurist decided to call it quits and re-open in Sunway instead. I NEVER go to Sunway unless I have to so this time, I thought I'd try out a new place - Glitters Nails and Waxing Salon in Bangsar Village II.

I wanted to just have my nails buffed (without a manicure), a pedicure and paraffin wax treatment for hands and feet. However, the manicurist did not hear my properly and went ahead to do a full manicure. Also, out of 4 therapists there, only one was a local. Anyhow, that does not matter so long as they are skilled right? But I must say, I was very disappointed with the nail buffing. Not much effort was put in and my nails did not look buffed at all. I was so disappointed with them that I did not bother complaining about it (yes, I'm strange like that 'cos sometimes I can make a big fuss).

When it came to the paraffin wax treatment, I feel that they did not know how to time the heating of the wax as by the time they brought it for me to dip my hands in, a layer of wax was already starting to harden on the top. They also did not have enough wax to allow my feet to be covered fully and ended up having to ladle the wax onto my feet. I like having the paraffing wax treatment done because I have cracked heels and I find that the moisture is effectively kept in by the waxing treatment. However, compared to the previous nail salon I used to go to, I'd say the waxing at Glitters was not as effective. Also, they did not proceed to put any lotion on after the wax was removed.

The paraffin wax treatment for hands and feet cost RM 55. The manicure plus buffing cost RM 38 and the pedicure cost RM 43.

Well, maybe I'm being fussy but all in all, I'd say, I would not go back there again. Guess I'll have to look for a new alternative. Anyone has any suggestions?? Feel free to leave it in the comments section!


Soo said...

hey, nailz spa i also went there before, you know lily? she do well! i like her job , but her's manicurist suddenly quit out,sigh.
i think she'll be stress, hope she can pass through this harder road.

Kimz said...

Hi Soo!

Yeah, I knew Lily back when she was working for Nail Basics and I've been with their manicurists every since. But so sad that Fanny and Ginny decided to leave to help out at their cousin's shop in Sunway. I totally agree with you, I love Nailz Spa because their policy is to use OPI products from start to finish, although they are a little bit more expensive then their competitors.

I will hopefully be able to try out a new place in Dataran Sunway at the end of September and if good, will make a posting about it.

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