Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara

This is another favorite makeup product of mine at the moment.  How did I chance upon it? Well, about two months back, I met up with a good friend and commented on her lashes.  I asked her if she was wearing fake lashes because, even though I knew she had long eyelashes before, it just seemed extra long to me on that night.  She responded that she wasn't wearing fake lashes but instead, was using Bobbi Brown's newly launched Perfectly Defined Mascara. I was amazed and checked it out as soon as I could.  I tried it out and couldn't believe it.  Although I have super short and sparse lashes, I could see the difference when I tried on this mascara.  It lengthened and curled my lashes.  The product information does not state that it is a waterproof mascara.  Instead, it mentions that it is smudgeproof, does not flake and lasts all day.  I will also add that it does not clump which is also very important.  Lastly, you do not need special makeup removers as the mascara will come off if you wipe it off with a piece of cotton soaked in warm water. However, it will not come off in one clean swipe.  Instead, you will see bits of mascara coming off, much like small black flakes on your piece of cotton. :) It retails for RM75 at all Bobbi Brown outlets in Malaysia which I will admit is a little pricey but I recommend this product to anyone who has been looking for a great mascara.  

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