Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Say 'Hi' To My Friend - LEO

I want to introduce everyone to my friend, Leo. He is an uber soft teddy bear that I bought when I was in Frankfurt in March 2009 when we chanced across the Hermann Teddy Shop while we were in Romerberg, the old city of Frankfurt. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen and I hug him to sleep every night (of course I hug my husband too!).  Hehehe. I can't explain it but the fur on this teddy is uber soft and smooth! Although I think it's only made of polyester. Hmmm..Don't you think he's adorable?? Just looking at him puts a smile to my face.  

Leo also has a brother called Eddie which I didn't buy at the time as I thought I had spent enough on Leo, but after returning from Frankfurt, I regretted my decision. Hence, I have recently asked a good friend of mine who was making a trip to Frankfurt, to see if she can buy Eddie for me. I don't know if she did but I'm crossing my fingers!!  Don't worry, if she didn't, I'm still super happy just to have Leo.

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