Monday, June 1, 2009

To Pack or Not To Pack

A week ago, my family was talking about going to Macau for a short 2 nights 3 days stay.  Much of it was talking and discussing but there was no confirmed decision on whether to go or not to go.  The decision to go was made sometime between late last night and this morning (as far as I know). We tried to book tickets online but was told that if you are flying off less than 24 hours from time of booking, the only way to get the tickets would be if you went direct to Air Asia's office to get them. At this time, at 5.49 p.m., we still do not have any flight tickets.  Let me emphasize that we are hoping to get on the flight that leaves at 8.20 a.m. tomorrow morning! So hence, the dilemma of 'To Pack or Not to Pack'.  Having said that, spontaneous trips are always fun so let's cross our fingers and pray we get the tickets!!

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