Monday, June 1, 2009

Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes

The postings in this blog are going to be about random matters.  Right now, I am writing about facial cleansing wipes by 'Simple'. These facial wipes are 100% alcohol free, 100% oil free, has no perfume or colouring and is supposed to remove all make up inclusive of waterproof mascara. I started using this product some years back as I am a truly lazy person when it comes to removing make up and I prefer a one-step process.  I stopped using it after I realised it was too expensive to use on a daily basis and reverted to other forms of cleansing options. 

I recently picked it up again when I was going on my travels as I thought it would be convenient, rather than lugging around bottles of cleansers. I find that it is a very effective cleansing wipe and takes off make up easily.  The only setback, I feel, is that the material used for the wipe is quite rough on the skin. That is my only complaint on this product. Just wished that the manufacturers will use something softer for the skin....

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