Saturday, June 20, 2009

Body Shop's Grapeseed Glossing Serum

Do you have dull or frizzy hair? Because I do and I was very happy to have been introduced to Body Shop's Grapeseed Glossing Serum by my sister sometime last year. Over the years, I have tried many glossing and smoothing serums to try and help tame my frizzy hair, most of which were really expensive. However, this particular glossing serum which only costs RM49 for 75 ml, works wonders. This is normally how I use it : After washing and towel drying my hair for a bit, I will blowdry it with my super powerful salon hairdryer. Hahaha. But just to the point where you hair is still damp. Then I take 2 pumps of this serum and smooth it all over my hair. Then continue drying your hair and voila, no frizz! Absolutely love it! Hahahah. You can also use this on dry hair but I find it works better when you work it in on damp hair before drying.

Unfortunately, recently I went to Body Shop just to check if they still sell it in Malaysia and I couldn't find it. Since the sales people were all busy, I couldn't find out whether they don't stock it anymore or whether it was just out of stock. I found it on the UK website and it only cost 6.85 pounds. Much cheaper than when I bought it last time. So, if you know anyone living overseas, try this product out. >_<

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