Friday, June 12, 2009

Italian on Sixth

It was my wedding anniversary yesterday and both my husband and I were cracking our heads on where to have our anniversary dinner...We'd already been to the cliche places like Lafite and Sage, so we wanted to try out a new restaurant.  My sister and a friend recommended us to Italian on Sixth which is located on the 6th Floor of Pavilion KL.  The restaurant is split up into two sections. One is the restaurant itself and one is the bar, coffee and cake counter which is located outside the restaurant. The ambience is not bad besides the fact that we could hear every single thing that was happening on the Concourse level as they were having some event.  If you have a minimum party of about eight, there is a private room that sits about twelve people.  We found the menu to have a decent variety to hopefully satisfy different palettes. 

As starters, the restaurant gave us garlic bread.  I thought they were very generous with the garlic but unfortunately, I thought the bread could have been warmer and more 'fluffy'.  But it was alright on the overall.  I had Wild Mushroom Soup as my appetiser and found it to be tasty but a teeny bit too watery for my liking.  My husband loved his appetiser which consisted of scallops wrapped in bacon.  Scallops were well prepared and they made this show of burning the thyme (as you can see hopefully from the picture).  Not too sure why..Hahaha.

For our main course, I decided on Cod prepared with thyme cream sauce.  I must say I absolutely loved it. The cod was done just right and the sauce was uber yummy (although maybe just abit tad salty).  I made the mistake though of ordering creamy wild mushroom soup and then creamy sauce for cod fish because after dinner, I just felt sooooo 'jelak'. Hahaha, don't know how to express that in English.  My husband had tenderloin with foie gras accompaniment.  He thought the tenderloin was prepared at Medium perfectly and that the foie gras was a perfect choice to match the tenderloin. Two thumbs up!

For dessert, the restaurant offers Creme Brulee, Tiramisu (in cake or mousse form) and I think some form of Chocolate Cake too.  We decided to order the Tiramisu cake which looked a whole lot like the Tiramisu cake you would get at Alexis Bistro.  It was delicious just the same.

Since it was our wedding anniversary, we decided to order a glass of house champagne as I didn't feel like finishing one whole bottle!  The house champagne is Ayala Champagne and I actually like it alot.  It tastes sweeter than the normal Dom Perignon or Moet & Chandon champagnes.

All in all, we had a satisfying dinner date with good food and good service. :)  Would definitely return to the restaurant (but maybe after we've tried out others first). Hahaha. 


telim said...

I always have difficulty deciding where to go for a nice dinner. Thanks for writing a review on this restaurant! The food looks pretty good, especially the cod. Will try it sometime!

Kimz said...

Haha, you and I both! So we should exchange notes. Absolutely devastated when Cilantros decided not to re-open. I don't think Sage was nice at all although the chef was supposed to be the same guy!